Santorini, Oia

What makes Santorini and its group of islands so unique is that it is the only volcano in the world having its Caldera (crater) into the sea. Following one of the gratest volcanic explosions ever recorded around 1630 BC, this island volcano was reshaped, part of its crater collapsed into the sea creating the most breathtaking landscape of crater side cliffs ever seen. The top of the caldera on the cliff side has been built by carving out “caves houses” (yposkafa) into the mountain. The houses offer the most extraordinary view of the caldera and the sea from above.

Cave houses are also naturally climatished cool in the summer and insulated from cold in the winter. myblue has two cave houses - Dream Blue and Island Blue - in the heart of the traditional settlement of Ia (Oia) village. The new volcano islands formed in the center of the caldera are Palea and Nea Kameni where daily boat trips take visitors to visit and walk on the volcano, take photos and take a swim in Its hot spring waters.

Santorini has been inhabited since prehistoric times and its old ports of Ia are some of the oldest trading ports in the world. Besides unmatched natural beauty this islands has great archaeological value and history.

Better known as the most romantic places in the world it is correctly chosen by hundreds of couples around the world for their honey moon and wedding ceremonies.

Oia (Ia) village